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free your data, free yourself.

We are creating the platform and setting the stage for opinion leaders and supporters of data privacy to stand together with one voice. If you’re interested in crafting a story about the power of the people and want to help us reclaim our data, get in touch. We can also assist in arranging interviews with Free Your Data spokespeople.

Free Your Data is designed as a series with the goal to change how we think about our data and to put forward legislation that defines the future.

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– Press Release –

Protonet launches ‘Free Your Data’ to initiate a new law

The Free Your Data target is to action a new law to stop the pursuit, exploitation and profit of personal information by tech giants. Initiated by Protonet, the campaign will rely on crowd activism to create lasting change to the ethical handling of digital information.

Hamburg, 11/03/15 – The fundamental human right to privacy is being abused by information systems in control of government monopolists and tech giants. Since Edward Snowden exposed the NSA and their alliance with Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants, it is common knowledge that Internet users today are 100 percent tracked, 100 percent predicted and 100 percent sold. The booming technology scene and ‘freemium’ products capture user data to sell for profit in order to keep businesses growing.

Time For Change

It is the role of Free Your Data to question the status quo and initiate action for change. Protonet, the Hamburg based startup has designed the non-profit campaign to have a lasting impact on the right to personal privacy in the online world, protesting against mass surveillance with a citizen centric model.

A New Law For Digital Sovereignty

A new law for digital sovereignty will give every Internet user fully transparent, free, real-time and usable access to their personal data. This unprecedented access to information opens the floodgate to a new, citizen empowering data ecosystem and market. Ali Jelveh, founder of Protonet outlines the new law as: “Any company with more than 1 million (recurring) users is required to provide a requesting user with all data associated with this user free of charge, without delay and in a machine readable format.“

The work being carried out at Free Your Data is possible because of the essential groundwork of organizations and individuals before them. This crowd campaign was born to change past approaches and give citizens the power to question and change the status quo. “By joining the Free Your Data campaign, you are standing up for your fundamental human right to personal privacy. Your data is your identity and your identity is your data”, says Jelveh.

Crowd Activism Campaigning

Free Your Data is a new style of campaign offering a launching pad for change and positioning the crowd as the hero in the fight for their digital rights. It is designed and run through episodes in three core parts, ‘Choice’ ‘Disagree’ and ‘Reclaim’, resulting in a new law. The campaign is run cross-media utilizing the website freeyourdata.org to lead the crowd through the ‘script’. Different social media channels, viral videos produced for the campaign and challenges to the crowd are designed to enable active participation and continuous engagement.

The first episode of Free Your Data officially launches March 16th, 2015 with a viral video bomb exposing the truth behind tech business plans and will run until significant change happens. Free Your Data has teamed up with Change.org an international petition platform to mobilize the citizens of Europe change.org

The campaign is globally oriented and will start by hosting events across Europe, from Hamburg to Brussels. Free Your Data is an initiative and a movement that is committed to challenge until the draft legislation is presented to parliaments. Crowd and media involvement will help the campaign put as much pressure as possible on corporate monopolists and governments to listen, take action, and reform.

Free Your Data is a passionate social cause implemented by Protonet in cooperation with agencies Rebel at Heart and NPIRE. Further information and press material is available in the press section of the website freeyourdata.org/press