Your information is pursued.
Digital identity, exploited.
What about you?
100% Tracked. 100% Sold.
They have total control.
What about you?
Data is the new oil.
Exploited for profit.
What about you?
Who is accountable?
Why aren't they transparent?
Time for change.

We are 100% tracked, 100% predicted and 100% sold
to an industry worth over US$150 billion.

Each one of us allows a huge amount of our personal data to be collected and sold by tech companies, corporates and data brokers. Our every action, search and detail is being handled recklessly and exploited for profit.

It’s time to own your data

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What Is Your Data?

The tech giants

Massive market ownership is massive power. Every day we message our friends, upload photos, send emails, share our thoughts and feelings. This is our data and digital footprint. That is what powers the tech giants. They are so large that the top 4 tech companies are worth more than all of germany top 30 most succesful german companies.

The free services

Digital technology and ‘free’ services have brought convenience, simplicity and accessibility to our lives. While we don’t pay for these service the tech giants make gigantic amounts of money. If we’re not the product they’re selling what is?

The Sharing Economy

Technology has created a new sharing economy. It is a way of living that relies on the openness and transparency of human communication. But when powerful companies ‘extract’ data and exploit it, it is a betrayal of what the sharing economy stands for. Ever wondered why we’re the only ones sharing?

What about you?
100% tracked
100% sold

The data play

The dominant platforms have become the basis of our communications. We search, message and connect with our friends, families and business partners on them and leave our data trails. That should be more than enough data to work with – but they aren’t satisfied. They want more – everything!

The x-ray

Our digital identities are more than just an image of what we do “in real life” – in a digital age they are us. As the Author Hannes Grassegger says in his manifest for a new digital age: “People are just data in disguise”. And the machinery is in place to capture every bit of our digital identity. To monitor us. To sell us. To control us.

The lock-in

We love the gadgets, tools and platforms that help us live a better life. But have you ever wondered why it feels like we’re in cages every time we want to leave a service for another? So companies build ever fancier walled gardens to keep us in. Forever.

It’s time for a

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