The Law

Why Are We Here?

Recently news all over the world brought the dark deeds of the NSA to the table. Working hand in hand with the new economy kids, the so called PRISM ‘security program’ was implemented to capture and pursue every digital step and every digital identity – undermining our fundamental right to privacy.

Without realising it, our every action, search and detail about us, interesting and uninteresting, is logged and tracked. It is sold to third parties for targeted advertising and to data brokers for onselling for their own onselling. Ironically, this is currently a legal practice.

– why are we here? –

To introduce a new law

giving us transparent, usable access to our data

We will teach you how data works, why it exists and the way it represents you online.
season 1: „Choice“
episodes: 10
The aim of our discussion is progress. We want you to talk about and decide what you’re data means to you.
season 2: „Disagree“
episodes: tba
There is no freedom until we are equal. Together, we can set a new law and take back our right to our data.
New Law
Full transparency, real time, and usable access to your data.
season 3: „Reclaim“
episodes: tba

– free your data –

how does it work?

Episode by episode our goal is to shine a light on the actions of tech giants and governments. Together, we will show the world how digital technology is able to create profiles of each and every citizen and how and why we are tracked, predicted and sold. With each step we take, we’ll be interacting with the citizens, politicians, authors, artists and journalists.
With a united voice we’ll carry the petition from the streets to the European Parliament.

– The Goal –


At the beginning of the 21st century, we find ourselves in a new world arisen out of an unstoppable digitalization. Inspired by the fundamental ideas of self-determination, we are conscious of the need to rearrange and rework our relationships with those collecting and holding our data. We believe that a new approach to consumer access and rights is needed to empower us as first class citizens of this new world.

“Any company with more than 1 million Whilst we believe that in time this fundamental customer right to access data will be respected by companies of all sizes, a special responsibility to ensure transpa- rent access to a users associated data lies with large companies due to the vast amount of data they hold. The user number is a yearly recurrent count and „user“ can be used interchangeably with „customer“. (recurring) users
is required to provide a requesting user with all data associated Our data goes beyond the things we post online and the conversa- tions we hold. Rather, it is made up of every piece of interesting and uninteresting information about us, from a huge variety of sources. This data creates an individual image just like our personal genetic map, that we should know about and have access to.
with this user free Free as in „no need to pay“. The data about you is yours and already exists. This law will allow you to access it without any charges involved. of charge, without delay Data is created in real-time, and you should have access to it without delay. Current technologies allow for a vast amount of data to be transferred, filtered and made available to the individual at the time of upload. and in
a machine readable Machine readability is the API that allows you to do things with your data; analyse, recombining and sharing. The API is expected to use our current internet infrastructure for accessibility. It is a new world in your hands. format.”

Your movement and behaviour in the world creates a constant stream of data about and around you, interesting and uninteresting. This legislation gives you unprecedented and instant access to that data, giving you the control to decide with whom, when, and how it is shared. This effectively connects a real-time API to your digital footprint and intellectual property which is freely accessible to you the owner, and fully integrates the operation of companies into 21st century practice.



Data privacy isn’t a new buzzword. Institutions have been founded, campaigns have been launched and many peo- ple have been putting a lot of hard work into this cause in order to bring awareness and change to the way our data is handled. The work we are doing at Free Your Data is possible because of this essential groundwork these organisations and individuals started.


For years, different aspects of data privacy and data protection have been on the agenda. We have seen the Europe v Facebook campaign, a class action lawsuit, and the European Digital Rights campaign which has been running since 2009 in Brussels and has brought a huge awareness to the importance of digital freedom. Their actions, among many others, have started the ripple effect that has led to Free Your Data.

Our crowd campaign was born to change the approaches of the past and this time, give the people the power to question and change the status quo.


Free Your Data will line up the dots and provide the platform for the crowd to have their say. It’s time to create noise from the streets against corporate databases and secret government files. It will be an everlasting impact, more than a protest against mass surveillance. We are giving Europe the chance to design the future, and lead us into this new data age through practical access to your data.


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