Episode 04

We are not alone

Our campaign FREE YOUR DATA is receiving plenty of purposeful support. Within this weeks “Big Data” Theme, the Franco-German television station ARTE illustrates, through well documented contributions and examples, the impact that the acquisition and analysis of our personal data has on our lives, our freedom and our democratic system.

The French economist and author Jacques Attali, and the former technical director of France’s external intelligence agency come to the conclusion, that even governmental control and intelligence agencies are not as unsettling as the power of the data collection corporations.

We are particularly pleased about the direct and purposeful support from people that have joined our campaign:

  • Christiane, for example, reports about her online search for a mechanic. Even though she did not complete the online form she still received an offer via e-mail. This is because by the time she clicked “continue to page 2” she was traceable.
  • Kin Lane invited us to the “APIDAYS Berlin & APISTRAT EUROPE 2015” event on the 24th and 25th of April in order for us to present our Free Your Data campaign
  • The chairman of the Brussels Data Science Community wants to support us
  • One of our supporters has offered to translate our website into Korean
  • Antal from sayitsimple.de wants to produce a Free Your Data themed animated movie. Who can write a good script for this?


Thank you for your valuable support! We need even more.
Who knows a band or an artist that could write a hit about “Free Your Data”?

We look forward to all your suggestions and ideas.

If we do not shape our digital future, others will. Support FREE YOUR DATA. Direct people to our petition and share the ARTE video with your friends and family.


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