Episode 07

Powering through the re:publica

Two weeks ago we were in Berlin at the re:publica, which is a renowned internet conference in Europe. This year it attracted over 6000 visitors, 800 internet activists, and companies/organizations that are actively involved with this subject. Ali Jelveh was one of the speakers, and our stand attracted even the sorts of Google.

Every year the masterminds of the IT industry meet and share knowledge at the re:publica. One of the most prominent speakers at this year’s event was Cory Doctorow, whose name some people do not dare to speak. The Canadian science-fiction author and tireless fighter of internet sovereignty came to our stand and enthusiastically photographed our bold campaign designs. To our surprise he even wore our new Merkel inspired t-shirt during his presentation. We asked ourselves where he got it from because he did not purchase it while visiting our stand. Even Eric Grosse, the worldwide security manager of Google, was unable to avoid our stand. He, in other words Google, came to visit our stand as theirs was opposite ours.

Here you can find the two talks from Ali at the re:publica:

See the articles about FYD in the media. Please read more about it:

In response to many request you can now download the Mark Zuckerberg themed banners. Print or copy it and share it with your friends! And please also share with us where you decided to place Mark.

Our petition has now been signed over 60,000 times. We thank all of you! But we still need more supporters, because if we do not take our digital future into our own hands, others will.



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