Episode 09

With flags winding in the wind

Two quite strenuous and sweaty, yet immensely successful days at the Altonale fair are now behind us. Despite of the brutal heat, visitors came flowing into the info-mile and visited our campaign stand with our flags winding in the wind. The stickers with the motifs of Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg were selling like hot cakes and the petition rolls were filling with signatures, much faster than we could have ever imagined.

We had the privilege of talking to different people on the subject of data sovereignty. Their reactions ranged from complete and utter outrage, when they heard about how our personal data is exploited, to great skepticism regarding the matter that consumers themselves can actually do something to stop this.

supporters at the stand
maximum daily temperature
liters of
sunscreen spent
liters of sweat
signatures have
been collected
discussions were held
stickers were spread
suspected of being members to the pirate (political) party
being granted with
a tasty pizza

We are fully convinced, that we must change something now, if we want to reclaim our data sovereignty. With your support, we will succeed! If you want to accumulate signatures for the petition yourself, you can download the form here. Please send the filled out lists back to us.

Besides, we have two new pieces of information regarding our cause for you:
We have revised our website, so you can access the various contents even faster and: as of now there is a german version of our site! So call the attention of your family and friends to our campaign, so they can inform themselves on the topic of data sovereignty.

Furthermore, we have established an online shop for our much sought after T-Shirts. Additionally to the fairly produced T-shirts, there are various Stickers and a new jute bag, with the help of which you will bring Free Your Data’s message to the streets. Check them out!


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