Episode 03

Citizen Access – simply explained. We promise!

Antal Vig was the one to show how much power our crowd possesed. The founder of Say It Simple produced our video which explains how an API works in a simple manner, thereby fulfilling their company’s motto spot on. We call on the large companies to make the data they have stored about us be made publicly accessible, so we can finally see into what they know about us.

We were celebrating the small premier of our video “API” from Say It Simple during the info-party in the Nochtwache in St. Pauli. Those of you who couldn’t attend, now have the opportunity to view what we understand under citizen access and how easy it can be to make the handling of personal data more transparent.
We would like big companies to identify all data that they have stored about us, by using this API. Though this sounds complicated, technically it is actually a piece of cake. The image improvement the companies would experience by handling the user-data in such a transparent manner however, would be immense.

Antal Vig produced this animation film for us on a non-profit basis, since he believes in our cause and wanted to support our campaign. We thank Say It Simple for this work and hope, that Antal’s example will inspire many to imitate it. We are open to all suggestions, which will lead to us bringing the topic of data sovereignty closer to the people.

And we wish you a lot of fun viewing the video. Share it with your loved ones, friends and colleagues, since everyone will have to deal with the subject of data sovereignty sooner or later. So go for it!


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