Episode 04

Golden Frog is on board

Golden Frog is the first corporation to officially join our cause and show face. It is in no way a coincidence, that Golden Frog shares our stance: online data sovereignty and transparency for everyone.

Free Your Data receives prominent support through the VPN supplier Golden Frog, a Swiss company that stores all customer data in Switzerland. Like us, their global president Sunday Yokubaitis is also convinced that “clients should demand transparency from their providers, so they can choose how to protect their data”.
Corporations and individuals can subscribe to Golden Frog’s virtual private network (VPN) service. A VPN encrypts your Internet connection to protect your privacy and security online. This literally means: with the use of this network a computer can be connected to a private network from afar. Thereby an encrypted tunnel is built that, for example, begins on your smartphone and ends on your home computer.

Apart from the fact, that many business travelers access their company computers whilst they are on the go, the virtual private network also makes sense in quite a few other everyday life situations.

Clever Research

If you would like to look up something online, something that is no one else’s business, you should use a VPN. At least this will make it significantly more difficult to link the search details with your personalized information.

At A Hotspot

McDonald’s, Cafes or airports offer so-called hotspots, which you can log into and then surf the net. If you log into the WiFi hotspot via a VPN, there is no risk of your transmitted data being intercepted by a third party.

Hot Affair

Everyone has their secrets. With a VPN you don’t exactly have a guarantee, that your secret affair won’t be busted sooner or later, but at least it will become more difficult to trace your tracks.

Access Denied

Virtual geo-blocks deny access to various contents online in many countries. Via VPN you can view a blocked music video anyway, because depending on the location of the VPN-server, you virtually become a user of the country whose server your VPN is connected to.

VPN are not all identical

¡Hola adios!

With a VPN you are, so to say subscribing to a virtual letter box on a server and paying a fee for using it. The israel provider Hola offers you the VPN for free along with its various security loopholes, that open your computer’s doors to hackers. Please do uninstall it immediately, otherwise your computer becomes a server for anyone and everyone!

Golden Frog is offering  a VPN trial-offer for all of those who signed our Petition. You can sign up for VyprVPN Free and get 1GB of free data in your first month, or 25% off any yearly plan.

Trial Offer


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